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Hi John

I thought to compile four sightings reports aided with composite drawings.

These are some of the LARGER objects in the skies witnessed here in Ontario.

Unfortunately these guys got away without getting photographed.

Yet the memories will NEVER be forgotten.

Take care there friend

Paul Shishis

I have lost count over 200 sightings today. It started back from 1967- at age 8. Then at age 43, having total of 9 sightings up to 2002 .

All nine UFO sightings happened in the month of August ‘only ‘.

In 2003 everything had changed in pattern. The sightings went through the roof. Over a 1000 % increase in my stats of observation at the time.

Yes, there has been such a mixed ‘variety’ of unknown aerial anomalies. From solid craft to translucent objects. To a orange flame in the dusk night sky witnessed August 2006. Even to a higher level of pure light materializing to dematerializing August 29, 2003. Or even a intense plasma light like a welders torch.

Most in the day have been black or white in color not light. Though in characteristics by shape, color, speed and size. The SIZE is quite extreme at both ends.

I have witnessed basketball size anomalies in the day or night, to actually miles in diameter that totally defy all senses of the mind. Of such a great magnitude in the actual unbelievable sizes.

I would like to share the details of these 4 sightings of these gargantuan objects witnessed. Aided by composite drawings to understand this real picture witnessed.

August 1999, near Lake Ontario

First one occurred at camp back August 1999, near Lake Ontario while star watching alone at about 2:30am.

Drawing of object seen in August 1999 near Lake Ontario

I witnessed directly above for less than two seconds a round bright neon green anomaly with speed beyond human comprehension.

The size appeared to be as large as the harvest moon.

The directional view of the front did have a wake in the front- like a water bug.

That sighting really shook me up asking myself ? Did I really see that ?

July 2nd 2004 : Scarborough, Ontario

Second large sighting happened in Scarborough’s shorelines July 2, 2004. Again near Lake Ontario while walking in a park westward near 5:45pm.

Drawing of object seen on July 2nd 2004 in Scarborough near Lake Ontario

I thought to block the sun with a large mature Conifer tree. The reasoning was to see further in the clear sky for anything, focused in looking to the west.

I witnessed a half large circle of enormous size. I can only say a minimum of one mile in diameter or even more in miles. It was one of the most shocking sights to account. It had a thin rim on the perimeter and two smaller circles within to the left half. Even the smaller circles had a thin rim around them.

What’s quite spectator [spectacular] is this thing was translucent. Just a bluish white color in appearance similar to a jellyfish.

I watched this shocking event for about 5- 7 seconds as it glided very slow some thousands of feet from south to north. I then looked pass the tree and got blinded by the sunlight.

I wanted to see the whole thing wondering if the other half had two more smaller circles. It was so magnificent at that moment. Just totally a unbelievable sighting.

February 24th 2005 : Highway 401, Durham Region, Ontario

My third large sighting happened on the Highway 401 in Durham. I remember that date well in excitement. That was the night to watch Peter Jennings’s documentary- ‘Seeing is Believing’.

Drawing of object seen on February 24th 2005 over Highway 401 in Durham Region, Ontario

On that Thursday, February 24, 2005 I was driving eastbound at about 6:50pm. As I was looking way ahead into the night sky about one to two miles eastward to the north I could see three white lights with a flashing red light in the middle. The attitude looked about 1000 feet. The mass length looked like 5 large commercial airliners across in length together. It just sat there motionless, as I drive closer to it.

I slowed down and turn my car lights on and off. It responded by lowering it’ s light intensity and started to slowly move off in a easterly direction towards Oshawa. Even the traffic had slowed down with me. They must have seen it !

There was a full moon noted that night.

September 28th 2003 : Toronto, Ontario

My fourth large sighting also had smaller plasma lights associated that day over in Toronto.

Drawing of object seen on September 28th 2003 over Toronto, Ontario (facing north)

Drawing of object seen on September 28th 2003 over Toronto, Ontario (facing west)

On Sunday, Sept 28th 2003 I went to St George Church to bless a Saint Michael Medallion. After the service and the blessing ceremony by the priest I went outside with my son and to the back of the parking lot by after 12:15pm.

Looking up I could see these displays of mostly white plasma lights. Some had another color in the mostly white. Red, blue, and green.

Each moved across the sky to the north. Moving from west to east. I had pointed them out to a total seven people. My son was also a witness to this display.

We had then gone back to the church to show the priest. He was busy with another service so my son and I stepped outside the church facing west. The view on the steps one could see far across western Toronto.

As looking for further shock came by a incredible astounding dark thing. I could see a very large black object hanging in the sky over Toronto. It sat there very low over the city. Maybe 1000 feet high ? There seemed to be like a slight wave while looking at it. Like the features of looking at a mirage, yet my son could see it and thought it no big deal. He described it as brown in color. We watched it for near 10 minutes.

To best describe it’s features it looked miles across and looked like a manta ray in shape. My son had had enough he pleaded that we go to the CN Tower, as promised after church. We drove a few streets west and parked on Queen Street. There again, these plasma lights continued to the cross the sky from the north. One at a time with a distance of about one mile apart.

I do question if ‘both’ types of UFO’s were associated with each other

Large craft= smaller crafts

This traverse of activity is totally unorthodox.

Even, as I share these accounts it’s hard for even myself to believe what it was I have witnessed. Yet these events really indeed happened.

Due to this on-going display in the sky and having many witnesses I never thought of a camera. I must have been too shock in awe in putting it together for photographic evidence. These accounts are the best to my ability in memories. Very hard to shake off in memory of something seen, never cataloged or taught.

I hope that others will come forward to help put this together in sharing.

We are certainly NOT alone.

Thx once again for your interest.

Working together for a better world of truth in our surroundings J’

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