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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Mid May - Mid June 1998 : Quebec


Gilles Milot

Here is a brief summary of the sightings that occured from mid-may to mid-june 1998 along the St-Laurent river between the cities of Three-Rivers 150 km/90 miles east of Montreal and Chateauguay 10 km/6 miles S.W. of Montl. We are presently investigating other sightings that occured also during the same period of time.

Berthierville May 18, 1998 (60 km/36 miles east of Montreal)

Georges H.P. has observed at 11:15pm three lights over the cities of Sorel and Traçy located on the south shore of the St-Laurent (opposite to Berthierville) consisting of one bright white light with repetitive incoherent movement (Up and down, left to right) and two motionless colored light (top:green, bottom: red) located at each side of the white one at a distance of approx. 1000 feet (each) from it. The duration of the sighting was 30 minutes. The witness took one picture of the white light (last shot in the film roll) and when he came back with a new roll, the lights were gone.

Montreal, May 18, 1998

Sylvain O. has observed over downtown Montreal, at 11:40pm during 20 minutes three white lights surrounding a bigger one also of white color. A triangular form of dark orange color was standing close to the white lights. No movements were apparent. Two others persons located in the south part of the city have also sighted these ufos.

Lachine, May 30, 1998 (SW sudburd of Mtl)

On Saturday May 30, many witness have observed a black chopper unidentified stationery 20 feet over the Lake St-Louis (Part of the St-Laurent river). Following these witnesses, this is not the first time that this happened; it's frequent to see these choppers over the lake between 1:00 and 4:00am. An explanation could be that these choppers belong to federal police fighting the tobacco and alchool traffic between indian reservations (Frequent problems in this area). But unidentified and black ??

Sorel, June 01, 1998 (60 km/36miles east of Mtl)

Around 21:45pm, Robert B. heard a loud "Boum" and jumped out of his home to look on the origin of that noise. Outside, at his left at a distance of 1000 feet and approx. 50 to 75 feet from the ground, a large bright white light was hovering for a few minutes and then turn to the right direction showing following the witness, a triangular form. The ufo then departed at a tremendous speed in the south direction, his color changing with the speed from white to dark orange. The total sighting lasted 5 minutes.

Chateauguay, June 06, 1998 (S.W. of Mtl)

At 23:00pm Francois G. has observed with two witnesses three white lights having a triangular form flying thru the clouds. The lights were moving in the interior of the triangle leaving from what seem to be the edge of the FT to join the center all at the same time illuminating therefore the center of the ufo and then returning at their original position. The sighting lasted for 1 hour 15 minutes.

Montreal, June 09,1998

At 9:45pm, on the south shore of Montreal, Marie G. has sighted two disks or spheres having a dimension of four times the brighest star, flying from east to west at different speeds. (Thank to UFO Round-up and M. Broussard for the information).

These reports are still under investigation with other sightings by The Association Québecoise d'Ufologie/Quebec Association of Ufology, UFO Québec and S.P.I.


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