UFO Sighting Report - New Zealand

North of Te Rangiita, Lake Taupo

Late 1960s

Flag of New Zealand

Good evening John I may have bought this to your attention some years ago, as I did contact someone in NZ. I was about my mid twenties (born 1943) and was fishing at the mouth of the Waitetoko stream about half a kilometre north of Te Rangiita on the shores of Lake Taupo. It was a Monday night (I remembered this as I had a small transistor in the pocket of my waders listening to the YA stations radio play) and it was just before 11.00pm (when fishing closed for the night.

In the northern sky a light bulb shaped light appeared at about 30 degrees over Kinloch. I measured it with my arm at full stretch and my fingers spread. the width was a little wider than my spread fingers. It was half as long again lengthwise. The colour was the shape of a light bulb and electric green colour and sharp edged, not fuzzy or ill defined. It just was there and it lit up the whole lake, taking about fifteen seconds to float down below the horizon.

When it first appeared I looked to see if there was any house lights on but there were none, of course TV used to stop about 10.30pm. In the Taupo paper it was mentioned that others had seen it with the official line (just space debris reentering the atmosphere), which did not make sense to me. There was no tail just very faint red sparks popping out from the narrower top end; where the light socket would have been.

I have never mentioned it too much as people tend look at me as to question my sanity. I know what I saw and just wonder if any others have contacted you about this incredible occasion. I don't understand what I saw and wondered if you have any ideas. This light must have been at least 10 kilometres wide going on the distance I would have been away from it.


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