June 18th 2005

Ufo sightings one week before the Great Celebration of National Ufos Day 2005

A Big Cigarrette Ufo near the Ufos Camp Celebrations

Prof. Rienaldo Rios

Reinaldo Rios

My report about this sighting

This sighting become on june, 28 2005 to the 2:30 a.m. when visitors in this summer themselves to visit relatives in the Sector White Hill in the highway 116 that leads of Guanica to Lajas circular sighted on mounts in direction of Lajas a powerful white becoming in and yellowish gilded light in form extended with horizontal lines in their inferior part.

The sighting was noticed by the families Perez Cintron who describe the adventure like one of sentimental type since she brought memories to them of a familiar event where all are united for the first time. The object moved slowly disappearing between few existing clouds without but anything to leave. Not have sound. He was like a but of 100 meters of distance traveling in South direction of north. Approximated duration of 15 seconds. He was white powerful changing to gilded and to his hori zontal lines yellowish color.

Photo by Perez Cintron Families

Photo of bright object in dky

Note: The Sighting Report of the newspaper are in red color

San Juan, Puerto Rico - 23 de junio de 2005. Actualizado a las 2:02:46 AM

This news are translated of my friends for me.

National Day of Ufos

Thursday, 23 of June of 2005

By Gladys Nieves Ramire



LAJAS - The mystery that surrounds to Lajas, as much in its skies as its grounds, will be subject of discussion and east speculation Saturday, during the celebration of the National Day Ufos, in just named Extraterrestrial or wagon Route 303, in Lajas. Reinaldo Rios, coordinator of the event, said that the activities, that they will begin to 6:00 of afternoon, will commemorate most recent the most important sightings of the past and, like the one of the last Saturday when resident of the urbanization White Hill, located between Lajas and Guánica, who saw a powerful and extended light, in cigarette form.

Lajas, that was proclaimed Capital Ufo of Puerto Rico by the municipal government, is full of strange things, assured Rios. In addition to the frequent sightings of not identified flying objects (ufos), Rios said that they specially have testimonies of people who have seen rare creatures, in the area of the Cartagena Lagoon, and strange lights. It is thought that in the area there are underground tunnels, where happen things outside the normal thing, it emphasized. It emphasized that the situation has attracted international investigators, as much in the field of sciences, astronomy and the military area like in the one of phenomena paranormal. "By the mystery that surrounds to Lajas, the excessive secrecy that there is in the aeroestato, the controversy with the Cartagena Lagoon, if strange nonlights entered or, the position of the federal Government around those lands, does not fit the smaller doubt to us of than in Lajas something is moving further on, of which it is passing something there well strange", it stressed.

It added that it thinks that much of the activity is of military origin, but also is manifestations ufos. The adventurers will be able to satisfy their curiosity Saturday, since there will be exhibitions of works of investigation, books, photographies and videos on the ufos, as well as to char them interactive, informed Rios. It emphasized that the event will culminate with a long walk to the top of the mountain, where will carry out a watch. It recommended to take to binoculars and telescopes. "It is a town activity. What we want is to emphasize the acquired profits of the phenomenon ufo in Puerto Rico ", aimed.

Photo of nespaper article

Report; Prof. Reinaldo Rios
OCPI Press of PR # 97-055

Prof. Reinaldo Rios Press ID


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