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UFO Sighting Report - Puerto Rico

November 2009 : Pepe Torres, Bayamon

UFOINFO E-mail Sighting Report

Location: Pepe Torres, Bayamon

Date: November 2009

Time: Approx. 7pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Orb

Description: Hello My name is [removed] I'm 17 and I live in Bayamon PR and Id like to come clean about a UFO sighting. My father and I have never spoken of it, because we know exactly what people will think.

It was about 7pm On November, ? , 2009 I can't really recall the exact date. My mother was complaining about the static on her TV so me and my father got on the roof to try and fix the satellite (we live in Pepe Torres which is a mountainous sector of Bayamon). My dad told me to hold the antenna and I eventually got bored of it and started looking at the evening sky and saw a fast object moving and quickly across the sky.

I told my father to look. We were both amazed knowing it was to fast for a satellite and it was was certainty not a shooting star seeing as it was shaped like an Orb.