Horana, near Colombo

Late June/Early July 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Horana (city Near Colombo)

Date: Last Few Days Continuously [Report submitted to UFOINFO on July 11th 2006]

Approach Direction: Don't know

Departure Direction: Don't know

Witness Direction: Many witnesses Couple of girls age 17/16, Oldman, Andy many villages. Those pictures are taken by two boys around 25 years of age.

Description: I got some picture of them I capture them from our local TV news program. Some people have seen some little creature about 2.5 feet high gold color.

Color/Shape: Arrow shaped four or five ships

Height & Speed: Suddenly changed

TV/Radio/Press: I saw it from "SIRASA TV"

Photo of objects


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