Name: Kandeep

Location: Punnalaikattuvan, Chunnakam, Jaffna, Eezham(Sri Lanka)

Date: not sure of the date or the month but I know the year, which is 1993.

Approach Direction: East, South-East of the Sky

Departure Direction: Full moon like shapes

Witness Direction: East

Description: This happened when I was in Gr.2 in my home country. Believing what I have seen is up to you. The moon shaped orange colour (planteary like) object appeared in the East Sky as me and my family members were sitting in front of the house. We didn't really notice it since it was close to a full moon time but my father noticed it due to the fact full moon doesn't appear in the east side but along South and also the sky was crystal clear but the moon shaped object which rather seemed to be a full spherical and appeared little bigger than the moon. After my father told me me and my family including one of my uncle looked at it amazingly for 20-30 minutes when suddently in the upper South East corner of the Sky a star shaped object appeared (it was weird seeing a star in the day sky) then it popped up into an oval shape and releaed a moon shape object similar to the first one but this time in a different color(this one was red) Then consequently two or three more of these objects cracked open from the star like shape and appeared on the day sky in different colors although we had seen how the objects came we weren't sure about how the first one originated in the East sky. After all of these appeared on the sky, they stayed for a long time like 3-4 hours! Then they shaded into long straight lines vertically on the sky and dissapeared. Next day I went to the school and since the objects were luminous and appeared in the day, I thought lot of people might have saw them. Unfortunatley to my dissapointment no one saw it except me and my family and my uncle. So I didn't care about it since we were running for our life during the war, but I wondered about it sometime after I came to Canada and my uncle died and my family has no memories of such things..today it seem like a dream.

Color/Shape: They varied in colors; Orange, Red, Purple, Green. I have no idea and I asked some science teachers about it they have no idea and I don't know what phenonmah triggered such appearance of objects in the sky and how come no one saw it except us in our village. I don't know if anyone else saw it anyway.

Height & Speed: They were so high in the sky but they appeared closer than the moon. They just stayed on the sky (no movments occurred)


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/srilanka/930000.shtml