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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

August 9th 2007 : Praa Sands, Cornwall, England

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Praa Sands, Cornwall, UK

Date: Approx 1400 GMT on 09/08/07

Approach Direction: Heading North from the South

Departure Direction: Headed East, then turned on its side and disappeared straight up

Witness Direction: Both witnesses faced East

Description: My friend and I noticed that the local gulls started to make a noise as if startled by a predatory bird such as a buzzard. On investigation we stepped out of the house and saw a huge, black rectangular shaped object moving slowly from the south to the north, its position being horizontal. I grabbed my camera and attempted to take a photo while the object was at close range but it failed to operate. By now the object had changed direction and was heading east towards the Naval Air Station at Culdrose. It then rotated to a vertical position and headed straight up. I managed to take 3 photos at this range. On zooming in the object can be clearly seen.The whole incident lasted about ten minutes.

Color/Shape: Black, rectangular shaped object (like a ruler). In one photograph a gull in the foreground gives some idea of how big the object was when it moved vertically up. On first sighting, i would say it was about 5 miles away and as wide as my outstretched arms maybe 24 inches apart, if that makes sense.

Height & Speed: Quite slow moving both from South to North and vertically when it changed direction.

TV/Radio/Press: Not yet