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UFO Sighting Report - Canada & USA

June 15th 2007 : Northern New York and Southern Ontario

Northern New York and Southern Ontario Object Lands

Date: June 15, 2007

I just wanted to give you a general update on Northern New York and Southern Ontario. I have been witness also to the solid white and blue objects that are being reported around the globe. Almost every night I see at least two of these objects is that they run east to west or west to east in direction, which is opposite to the plane direction. What happened to me last week is that I seen over 6 of these objects in one night and I was getting ready to go inside when I noticed a few hundred feet above the tree's in my backyard a major power-up it was a solid white light that brightened 6x the magnitude it was almost like it was acknowledging that they saw I was looking.

That same night my son and I went out for a quick dusk bike ride and spotted to objects solid black in color running together however it was dark enough that their lights should have been visible at that time of the day but weren't that sighting lasted approx 5 minutes their was no jet sound and no contrail visible. That night there was also a lot of commercial airplane traffic however a lot of the planes exhibited no sound and these planes have a ton of lights on them, could someone publish a list of standard lights associated with commercial airplanes. Also, one other thing this same night I witnessed a ton of activity near the big dipper located off the top corner of the spoon part at least a dozen solid color objects moving back and forth in that area. I'm getting to the point that something big is about to happen, the boldness and frequency is out of control.

Along with this on Friday June 15th, 2007, I believe I witnessed a vehicle landed on the ground, we were at a drive-in theatre about a half-hour from here located in Alex Bay, NY. We were getting out of the vehicle to get ready to go when I spotted a solid white and blue object at a low altitude heading in the easterly direction, when I left I chose to go in the same direction on state rt 26 when after about 5 minutes of driving I noticed along the road something strange I saw an object on the right side of the road about 10 perfectly rectangular lights in a row with another soft orange round lights situated right above the rectangular lights which were a soft white/blue color that seemed translucent along with white fog or steam near the object the whole situation made me nervous and I didn't say anything to the rest of the family. So the next day I went on Google earth to look and see if there was a building in the location where I saw the object and there wasn't anything on there, so on Father's Day we went up there to investigate and found no building located there I plan on going back again to see if there was any damage to the surrounding area and whether anyone experienced anything strange that night.

Thank you to the witness for keeping me updated on what is happening in their area.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.]