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UFO Sighting Report - USA

June 2nd 2008 : Ocala, Florida

UFOINFO E-mail Sighting Report

Location: Ocala, Florida

Date: June 2nd 2008

Time: 10:46pm

I stepped outside for a cigarette and sat down on my porch. When I looked up at the stars I noticed a small blinking red, blue, green lights flashing from something. It was floating very slowly back and forth kind of like in the shape of an S. This morning I was woken up by an extremely loud jet flying oddly very low...not sure if they coincide but as I continued to watch the ufo, another one popped out in the distance. I see planes fly in and out all the time- these were no planes. Planes give off a very obvious white flash that's repetitive and you see them descend.

They were barely stationary, then would move into motion, then return to where they were before. They'd pick up speed, then slow down, then burst speed again. They were very high but the amount of light they gave off, gave off their position. It then litteraly sat stationary over my house, just too high for me to see what shape. It looked round- no idea what color it was though as all I could really make out was the lights and general outline of the shape of the craft.

The whole town seems to be buzzing with ufo activity- I was curious to know if anyone had seen what I had. I had no choice but to report was far too eerie to be anything like a plane or military jet. I'll be watching the skies closely and will attempt to take a photo if I encounter what I did. I suggest everyone really starts to keep an eye open...there is certainly something going on up there.