Fireballs, Electromagnetics and Abnormal States

Albert Budden

book cover This is the most important book yet to examine the impact of electromagnetic pollution on the human organism, and to link the headlong expansion of electrical power networks and telecommunications technology with a range of paranormal experiences, alleged UFO and alien visitations, and adverse health effects.

While governments are becoming increasingly active in the face of damage caused to the planet by pollution, reaction to the expansion of the lucrative telecommunications industry remains largely unfocussed. Our dependence on electrical energy means that operational hardware - mobile phones, pylons, microwave repeaters, television booster stations, electrical substations and power lines - is being installed all around us largely unchecked.

In this ground-breaking work, researcher Albert Budden has brought together a revealing catalogue of evidence, showing that the resulting health effects caused by these rogue energies in our environment are intrinsically linked to a cluster of bizarre conscious effects - such as hauntings, poltergeists, UFOs, alien abductions, missing time, visitations, out-of-body experiences - all previously thought to be the province of the paranormal. Moreover, he has found that these experiences have a biological survivalist function in that they embody holistic messages sent from the over-stressed body via the image banks of the mind: electromagnetic stress is seen to cause a breakdown of the body's regulatory functions, which in turn triggers visionary messages telling the individual that their health is under threat from electromagnetic fields.

A sequel to his earlier title "UFOs - Psychic Close Encounters", this is an engaging and informative work, which, for the first time, gathers together a comprehensive range of evidence and case studies, including data collected from co-workers and correspondents in Canada, the UK, the US and Australia. In this cohesive approach, paranormal experiences are shown to be different facets of electromagnetic irradiation, whereby both the body and the mind's equilibrium is being disturbed.

This is a seminal work, examining the strange evolutionary modifications of the human organism in response to our arrival in the new electromagnetic environment.