The Magonia Database: Part 6: February 2nd 1958 – November 1962

Feb. 02, 1958  Hokkaido (Japan). Farmer Yasukichi Nakaguchi and
1530           his son, and Kametaro Takuma, saw an egg-shaped
               object that landed silently. (FSR 58, 3)
Feb. 24, 1958  Conceicao Almeida (Brazil). Three witnesses, among
0305           them Dr. C. da Costa, decided to sleep in their car
               when the engine stalled and could not be started
               again. Then a very large, blue silvery object appeared
               and came to ground level with a swinging motion.
               was shaped like a sphere surrounded by a flat ring.
               When they tried to approach it, the object maneu-
               vered in a strange "aerial dance." (Lor. I 143)
Mar. 02, 1958  Tampa (Florida). A civilian source was said to have
1945           observed a balloon-shaped object land on the airfield
               then take off slowly and hover at 250 m altitude be-
               fore disappearing. It showed a bright light source.
Mar. 14, 1958  Healdsburg (California). Two persons, in their back-
0845           yard, saw a round object 1 m in diameter come from
               the west and land 15 m away. It took off toward the
               east, turned south, and was lost to sight. (Atic)
Mar. 19, 1958  Moscow (USSR). Near Moscow, a large, disk-shaped
               object was seen on the ground. It rose in a spiral mo-
               tion, then took off and was lost to sight. (Personal)
Apr., 1958     Maceio (Brazil). Near Paripueira, jeweler Wilson
0600           Lustosa and numerous fishermen saw an object hover-
               ing 15 m above the sea, 40 m away. It was lens-shaped,
               about 12 m thick, and showed portholes with a glow-
               ing red light. Below the object the water seemed to be
               "boiling" or attracted upward, while a soft, whirring
               sound was heard. For one hour the object kept going
               up and down. (SBEDV)
Apr. 15, 1958  Tabladitas (Argentina). Approximate date. In the
               mountains, about 14 km from Abra Pampa, a lumi-
               nous object 30 m in diameter came to ground level.
Apr. 17, 1958  Abaatu (Brazil). All night long, three hovering disks
1925           were seen by several witnesses in this area. A railroad
               employee, Mr. Cavalheiro, and the station chief, J.
               Machado, wired the Tupancireta police, and all saw
               the objects coming to ground level about 1 km away.
               At times they appeared to exchange signals. One of
               the disks flew over the station itself, leaving a lumi-
               nous trail and considerable heat. (LDLN)
May. 02, 1958  Bogota (Colombia). Eight people working in a wood
               saw a green creature with scaly skin and very long
               arms. The pointed nails of its long fingers nearly
               touched the ground. (Dischi Volanti, by L. Bul-
May. 27, 1958  Boa del Tigre (Argentina). Remo dell'Armellina was
late           driving a truck toward Santa Fe when he saw a figure,
               3 m tall, blocking the road. He went toward it with an
               iron bar but could not approach because of the stench
               and the blinding phosphorescent light emanating
               from it. It had very long arms, a scaly body, and wore
               a flight coverall. The witness fainted; nothing was left
               to be seen when he regained consciousness. (Perego;
Aug. 16, 1958  Leman Lake (Switzerland). A dozen people out on
1700           the lake in perfect weather saw a bright light coming
               down. They stopped their boat as it came to hover
               about 15 m above them. It was saucer-shaped, 10 m
               in diameter, with a cabin showing several windows
               on top. The outer disk below the cabin was spinning.
               As it came down toward the water, a noticeable cur-
               rent was created. No noise or occupants were noticed.
               After several leaps in mid-air, the craft flew off at
               "unbelievable" speed. (Personal)
Sep. 01, 1958  Laval (France). About 11 km before Laval, a busi-
2130           nessman coming from Paris suddenly saw a motion-
               less object, 10 m above ground, to the left of the road,
               150 m away. It was shaped like two cones with a com-
               mon base and showed two rows of about ten openings
               in the middle section. It seemed about 20 m wide,
               metallic, with a light similar to that of a red traffic
               light shining through the windows. The witness had
               time to stop and maneuvered to get the object in his
               headlight beams. Throughout the observation a
               whistling sound such as that of a jet aircraft was heard.
               The object rose very slowly, flew off faster climbing
               out of sight. (119)
Sep. 21, 1958  Sheffield Lake (Ohio). A circular, flat object, 7 m in
0300           diameter, 2 m thick, hovering 1.5 m above ground,
               and making a jetlike sound was seen from a house by
               a civilian woman. Its color was that of aluminum; it
               had a wobbling motion and emitted gray smoke be-
               fore rising again and taking off. (Atic)
Oct. 27, 1958  Union Dale (Pennsylvania). An object resembling a
               large gray cigar with an assembly tail flew at treetop
               height, making a strong "swishing" sound. (Atic)
Oct. 31, 1958  Caledon East (Canada). A civilian reported an
1550           eliptical, aluminum-colored object at 2 km altitude,
               coming down to 4 m, flying up and down by sudden
               jumps, stopping at ground level less than 200 m away
               for five min. A red light appeared at one end of the
               object, which gradually took a fiery color, then ex-
               ploded. The witness ran away. (Atic)
Nov., 1958     Braemar (Scotland). Two soldiers of the Territorial
0500           Army on an exercise near Ballater heard a "gurgling
               noise" and saw two figures, over 2 m tall, dressed in
               peculiar suits. As they fled, they heard a "swishing"
               noise and saw a large disk flying at ground level, which
               then swooped over their heads and away, pulsating
               and leaving a sparkling trail. Witnesses were in a
               state of shock. (Humanoids 5)
Nov. 17, 1958  Soviet Union, exact location not revealed. A luminous
2203           object, with an apparent diameter greater than that of
               the full moon, was seen coming down from a high
               altitude, hovering at tree height, then landing. It was
               observed for two min. (Atic)
Nov. 23, 1958  Cojutepeque (San Salvador). An engineer, Julio M.
2335           Ladaleto, stopped when his car hit a can rolling on the
               road, then observed an object about 35 m away. It
               was shaped like a lamp shade with an upper trans-
               parent sphere emitting a bluish, pulsating light, 12 m
               diameter, 7 m high, resting on three half-spheres. An
               occupant 2.5 m tall was photographed by the witness
               as he crossed the road and appeared to inspect the
               craft. He wore a blue coverall and luminescent heel-
               less boots, and had a bald head. The observation
               lasted 10 min, after which the object took off with a
               whining sound, sparks and smoke. The following day,
               before he had revaled anything about the case,
               Ladeleto was contacted by strange "newsmen" who
               appeared to know all the details of it. (Settimana
               Incom. Sep. 16, 62)
Dec. 20, 1958  Hoganas (Sweden). Near Domsten, Hans Gustavs-
0255           son, 35, and Stig Rydberg, 30, saw something in the
               woods and stopped their car to observe it. They found
               a disk about 5 m wide set on a tripod. All of a sudden
               they were attacked by four gray-colored creatures de-
               scribed as "fluid," but one witness reached the car and
               blew the horn for help. The beings fled and the craft
               took off, emitting "paralyzing vibrations." (Lor. II 56)
Dec. 20, 1958  Clermont-Ferrand (France). Approximate date. A
1600           disk of 20 m diameter was observed and caused dam-
               age on the ground. (Quincy)
Dec. 28, 1958  Portglenone (Ireland). A black flying object, 2 m
afternoon      wide, cut a tree in two, 3 m above ground, and did
               not stop. The tree in question is 70 cm wide and 13 m
               tall. This event was observed by a farmer named
               Bennett. (FSR 59, 2)
Jan. 1959      Stratford-on-Avon (Great Britain). Leonard Hewins,
1715           of Tredington, saw a fiery, round object come down
               from the east and land 100 m away. While a blue haze
               formed, three figures emerged from the object and
               seemed to sit down with clumsy movements. The wit-
               ness was unable to move until the craft and its occu-
               pants took off swiftly, leaving a trail of stars. (FSR
               67, 5)
Feb., 1959     Umiat (Alaska). 350 km east of Umiat, trappers saw
               a red, disk-shaped object less than 4 km away, going
               up and down, sometimes nearly touching the ground.
               It circled and went away. (FSR 59, 3)
Feb. 28, 1959  Cedar City (Iowa). Private Gerry Irwin stopped his
               car to investigate what he thought was a crashing
               plane. He was later found unconscious. Sequels of the
               incident (fainting, amnesia and his return to the site
               in a trancelike state) are sometimes quoted as evi-
               dence of psychologial experience correlated with the
               observation of the luminous object. Irwin deserted,
               and his subsequent whereabouts are unknown. (121;
               Lorenzen; Magonia)
Mar., 1959     Kolobreg (Poland). On the Polish coast, not far from
               Kolobreg, soldiers saw the sea become turbulent as a
               triangular object, 4 m in size, emerged, circled the
               barracks, and flew away at high speed. (122)
Mar. 13, 1959  Pumong (Australia). Near Claypans, 150 km north-
1410           east of Adelaide, Carl Towill, postmaster, and Percy
               Briggs, mail carrier, saw a dome-shaped object take
               off from a field 400 m away. It resembled a huge, bril-
               liant circus tent, studded with lights that kept chang-
               ing from red to blue. They approached within 200 m,
               then saw it rise, hover, and shoot off at immense
               speed toward the south. They had observed it for 10
               min. Mr. Briggs was questioned by investigators from
               Woomera Rocket range. (FSR 59,5)
Mar. 31, 1959  Port Elliot (Australia). Barry Neale was driving home
1330           to Goolwa when he saw on the ground a glowing,
               reddish-orange object with a row of portholes. It il-
               luminated the trees, was about 5 m wide. He got
               within 300 m of it, and drove around the wooded area
               in time to see it take off. No radioactivity was found
               at the spot. (FSR 59,5)
Apr. 15, 1959  Svendborg (Denmark). Between Svendborg and Ny-
evening        borg, Ove Christensen, coming home after work on
               his bicycle, was stopped on the road by a disk-shaped
               object spinning at ground level. After five minutes it
               began chasing him, flying 6 m above him for 5 m.
               The object was luminous and seemed made of glass.
               (FSR 59, 3)
Apr. 29, 1959  Grassy Plains (Canada). Alex Gillis and Jerry Monk-
2230           man saw from a hilltop an egg-shaped object in the
               middle of the road. It was about 5 m long, the top part
               emitting a bright light. The object went away silently.
               Fearing ridicule, the witnesses reported the incident
               one month later. (FSR 59, 6)
May. 20, 1959  Tres Lomas (Argentina). Two hunters saw a disk-
1730           shaped object resting on the ground 150 m away. It
               looked like an aluminum craft about 2.5 m high, with
               a dome on top. Grass flattened. (Challenge 53)
Jun. 21, 1959  The Willows (South Africa). A civilian woman ob-
2000           served a saucer-shaped object hovering 5 m above
               ground. It was bathed in an orange glow, similar to
               that of a dying fire. It flew away horizontally and was
               lost to sight behind a hill. (FSR 59, 6)
Jun. 26, 1959  Boianai (New Guinea). Many witnesses, among
1845           them Fr. W. B. Gill, head of a local mission, saw an
               orange object that hovered in mid-air. Four engines
               were visible on its "deck" and a beam of blue light
               was emitted upward from it. The object did not come
               to ground level, but its position above the ocean was
               almost on a level with the observers standing on the
               hill. (123; Anatomy 145)
Jul. 13, 1959  Blenheim (New Zealand). Mrs. Moreland saw a disk-

0530           shaped object as she was milking cows. It was about
               10 m diameter, had two intense, green lights and two
               rows of jets around the rim, emitting orange flames.
               Inside a glass dome on top were two men dressed in
               aluminumlike suits. The craft did not land, but took
               off at great speed with a high-pitched sound. Heat
               sensation. (124; Challenge 24)
Jul. 14, 1959  Prince of Wales Island (Australia). Hunters reported
               the landing of a red object on the island. Other hunt-
               ers saw a similar object near Karumba Lodge. (123)
Aug. 09, 1959  Sombrero (Tierra del Fuego). Mr. Uribe, a petroleum
1954           engineer, and two other witnesses had to stop when
               they ran out of fuel; they observed a light swinging
               like a pendulum, coming close to the ground. It ap-
               pared as a large, vertical, egg-shaped object which
               made a "whooshing" sound. Closest approach was
               120 m. Estimated height: 2 m; width, 1.5 m. When
               Uribe aimed a rifle at the object, it went out of sight
               within seconds. (Lor. IlI 14)
Aug. 12, 1959  Brion (Spain). A 60-year-old farmer saw an egg-
               shaped object come down at high speed and land in
               a pasture near a river. Then it took off vertically and
               flew away toward Santiago. Traces. Engine noise, not
               similar to helicopter. (Personal)
Aug. 13, 1959  Freeport (Texas). A bright, flying object passed low
2130           over a car, whose engine stalled, and landed in a
               wooded area. Six witnesses in two separate groups
               observed the object, and the police were called. The
               dense underbrush prevented investigation of the site.
               (APRO Sep., 59)
Aug. 25, 1959  Werdehl-Eveking (Germany). Near Hagen, Lutz
1100           Holtmann went toward a bright object in a forest,
               and fainted when he got close to it. When he re-
               gained consciousness, he saw it take off silently and
               vertically. It was round, had a tripod landing gear,
               two rows of bright openings, and was about 30 m in
               diameter. (Nachrichten Oct., 59)
Sep. 07, 1959  Wallingford (Kentucky). A bluish, disk-shaped object
               was observed at ground level by a mail carrier. It sud-
               denly went away horizonally, leaving a stained ring
               on the ground. (NICAP Nov., 59)
Oct. 02, 1959  Glenora (Canada). Approximate date. Miss G. Wil-
               son, 14, was out riding a horse when a luminous object
               dived toward her, and she rushed home in fear. Her
               father came out and saw the object, which he de-
               scribed as orange and making a "painful" sound. (125)
Oct. 25, 1959  Fort William (Canada). On the Trans-Canada High-
               way west of this town, four hunters (Douglas Robin-
               son, Ray Disguiseppe, Victor Arnone and John De-
               filippo, of Port-Arthur) saw an oval, luminous object
               follow their car about 13 m above them. The object
               was spinning, stopped when they did, was white in
               color and remained with them for nearly 50 km.
               (FSR 60, 1)
Dec. 22, 1959  Oakdale (California). Kenneth Lindsley and several
2350           other witnesses saw a bright, orange object at ground
               level. It was bowl-shaped, as wide as the road, and
               shadows that appeared to be moving could be seen.
               (FSR 60, 3)
Spring, 1960   Syracuse (New York). An electronics engineer was
night          fishing when he heard a shrill, whirring sound and
               saw a round object, with a rotating light on top, land
               on the shore. The sound gradually stopped, an open-
               ing became visible, and two dwarfs with oversized
               heads came out with a hose and pumped water from
               the river. Later they appeared to play like children.
               Their bodies glowed with lights of changing colors.
Apr. 05, 1960  Beira (Mozambique). An orange disk landed with a
               hissing sound, then exploded, while four dwarfish
               figures ran away into the brush. (FSR 60, 5; 126)
Apr. 18, 1960  Lacamp (Louisiana). Mr. Arnold saw a round object,
2100           fiery red in color, arriving at high speed from the
               south. It touched the ground about 300 m away with
               a loud explosion heard by many people, and a flame.
               It bounced in an easterly direction for about 300 m,
               then rose again, turned west and disappeared. The
               ground was scarred in nine places, and a substance
               resembling metallic paint was found. (Science &
               Mechanics Dec., 66)
May. 04, 1960  Sarasota (Florida). A yellow, elliptical object with
0915           four evenly spaced windowlike openings was observed
               at ground level by an architect. (NICAP May., 60)
May. 14, 1960  Paracuru (Brazil). Raimondo dos Santos saw two
0400           craft land on hill near a farm called Capin Acu. He
               went near them and saw several small beings, pale-
               looking, making friendly gestures. He ran away. The
               creatures wore blue uniforms and white helmets. The
               previous day at 1900, over 100 witnesses had observed
               a dark-gray, circular craft, 20 m in diameter with a
               powerful light, maneuvering and hovering. (Human-
               oids 37; LDLN 58)
May. 19, 1960  Siracusa (Italy). Salvatore Cianci, jeweler, and his
night          wife, were driving near this Sicilian town when a
               creature about 1 m tall appeared in the headlights. It
               wore a shining coverall and a diving helmet and had
               two short wings. Mrs. Cianci suffered from shock.
               (FSR 64, 4)
May. 25, 1960  Chinthurst Hill (Great Britain). Vera Bowden, 35,
               saw a gray, elliptical object hovering at tree height
               over Broadwater Lake for 18 min. Then it left toward
               the west. (FSR 60, 5)
Aug., 1960     Hamburg (Germany). Mrs. K. St. Bereits was in her
0920           garden when she saw an object coming down at great
               speed. Arriving at ground level, it came toward her,
               appearing as a disk standing on edge, 7 m in diameter
               with a pulsating halo of yellow light. Three beams of
               light came from a central opening. A sort of haze and
               "gas stream" was also described. (Nachrichten Jan.,
               61; FSR 61, 4)
Sep. 23, 1960  Labrador. A Canadian ship reported that a cylindrical
2135           object with lighted portholes came down, hit the
               ocean, and sank off the northcoast of Labrador. (Atic)
Oct., 1960     Yariguarenda Jungle (Argentina). New apparitions
               of a monstrous "cyclops." (129)
Nov. 11, 1960  Warminster (Great Britain). Four witnesses, among
night          them three military men, saw an object that seemed
               about to land, then took off again toward the north,
               leaving a trail of sparks and blinding them. (130; FSR
Nov. 13, 1960  La Londe (France). Remi Carbonnier, 45, was
0245           awakened by a green light illuminating his room. He
               went to the window and saw a bright, round object,
               6 m in diameter, resting on three legs on the railroad
               tracks 300 m away. It was emitting orange flashes. A
               dome on top of the object started spinning, the legs
               disappeared, and the object rose vertically above the
               trees, without noise. Less than 20 sec later, it had
               cleared the hill and was lost to sight in the southwest.
               The next day the witness went to the site and found
               no trace, but his dog turned around and ran away,
Dec. 09, 1960  Carignan (France). A dog barking at a glowing object
2030           resting in a park. Three witnesses observed it from
               separate locations. It appeared as an oval, luminous
               craft, 4 m in diameter, inside which vague shadows
               were seen. It took off toward the north. A circle of
               yellowed grass was found at the site. (Ouranos 27)
Jan. 01, 1961  La Victoria (Venezuela). A government topographer,
               Adolfo P. Pisani, was passed by a truck as he was
               driving on the Andean Highway. A brilliant disk with
               the appearance of blue steel swooped down very close
               to the hood of the truck and then flew away. The truck
               was pulled up nearly 1 m above the road and over-
               turned in a sandbank. The driver escaped with minor
               injuries. (Lor.I 250)
Jan. 22, 1961  Cestas-Gazinet (France). An electronics professor at
1830           Bordeaux University and three school teachers ob-
               served an elongated, glowing, orange object. Inter-
               ference with car ignition was noted. One witness was
               said to have felt a slight indisposition and to have
               heard or somehow perceived the word "ZEMU" re-
               peated twice. (Ouranos 26)
Mar. 10, 1961  Bowna (Australia). F. Reynolds and his son were
2045           camping near the water. They observed an object on
               the ground with four windows in it. There was a fire
               nearby, and four figures could be seen between it and
               the object. At 2130 it had disappeared. Witnesses in
               Wodonga, West Albury, Wangaratta and Tallangatta
               independently observed an unknown object in flight.
               (Austr. FSR 5)
Apr. 18, 1961  Eagle River (Wisconsin). J. Simonton heard a whin-
1100           ing sound and saw an object, 10 m in diameter, 4 m
               high, with exhaust pipes around the periphery, land
               near his house. A door was opened and a man ap-
               peared. About 1.50 m tall, he wore a black, turtle-neck
               pullover with a white band at the belt, and black
               trousers with a vertical white band along the side.
               Two figures were visible inside the object. Simonton
               filled a jug with water, returned it to the man, who
               gave him three ordinary pancakes, and the craft took
               off. (Atic; Magonia)
May. 03, 1961  Union Mills (Indiana). Approximate date. A hemi-
2200           spherical craft with portholes, resting on a road, took
               off when a car came near it. Estimated diameter was
               4 m, height 2.5 m, bearing "fluorescent lights." (Evi-
               dence 139, 147)
Jun. 03, 1961  Savona (Italy). Off this town, four people in a boat
0635           were suddenly shaken by growing waves and saw the
               sea swelling like an enormous bubble 1 km away. An
               object emerged, hovering at 10 m altitude for a brief
               time, its underside glowing, and it left obliquely at
               high speed toward the northeast. Its shape was similar
               to a cone resting on a disk. (Settimana Incom. Jan.
Jul. 03, 1961  Ryde (Great Britain). An object resembling a hover-
0015           craft, having five windows through which an orange
               light was shining, hovered about 20 m above the trees.
               It left suddenly at high speed. (FSR 61, 6)
Jul. 17, 1961  Las Vegas (Nevada). One mile north of Bonny
0200           Spring Ranch, on U.S. Highway 91, two civilians in a
               car observed in the rear-view mirror a low-flying object
               that overtook their car, followed by a rush of cold air.
               It stopped, circled the vehicle, flew off and was lost
               to sight behind the mountains, where it may have
               landed. In the course of an exceptionally complete
               investigation by military authorities, however, no evi-
               dence of a landing was discovered. (Atic)
Aug. 12, 1961  Kansas City (Kansas). Two Drake University stu-
2100           dents saw a large object shaped like an oval with
               "running boards" bearing a series of lights. It hovered
               for about 4 min at tree-height, shot straight up,
               climbed away toward the east, then disappeared from
               view in five sec or so. (Atic)
Aug. 25, 1961  Toulouse (France). Approximate date. Five persons
               observed a luminous, yellow sphere, 8 m in diameter,
               flying about 10 m above the road. Horizontal and
               vertical bands of darker tone gave the impression of
               "windows." The object flew up very fast when the
               car reached town. (LDLN)
Sep. 19, 1961  Indian Head (New Hampshire). Mr. and Mrs. Hill
2200           saw a lenticular object with a double row of portholes
               and half-a-dozen dark figures working at control
               panels inside, when they stopped to investigate a light
               following their car. They became afraid and drove
               away. A "beeping sound" enveloped the car, and they
               felt a prickling sensation before losing consciousness.
               When they came to, they were driving near Ashland.
               A series of nightmares and medically controlled hyp-
               nosis brought back what apparently was the memory
               of their abduction by the occupants of the object.
               (Fuller; Magonia)
Sep. 30, 1961  La Porte (Indiana). Eight km south of La Porte, 16-
2200           year-old Dennis Bealor saw a large sphere of orange
               light rise ahead of him on the road. He was so fright-
               ened that he lost control of his bike and left the road.
               (Hartle 158)
Dec. 21, 1961  Lafayette (Indiana). Jerry Hislope, 20, was driving
2145           to Kentland when he saw a glowing white object, 3 m
               in diameter, 1 m thick, dive at him, flying 3 m above
               the ground. He stopped to observe it, but the object
               flew away. (APRO Mar., 62)
Jan. 08, 1962  Catamarca (Argentina). A truck driver and two other
night          men observed two powerful lights lost sight of thern,
               but later saw a craft on the ground 150 m to the side
               of the road. It took off at high speed when illuminated
               by the headlights. Farther away, two objects ma-
               neuvered above the road leading to La Bajada. As the
               police were driving to the scene, they saw one of the
               craft on the ground near Loma Brava. (CODOVNI
Feb. 09, 1962  Aston Clinton (Great Britain). Mr. Wildam, of
0330           Luton, noticed that his car was gradually losing speed
               as he approached a bright, oval thing hovering 10 m
               above the road. The object was surrounded by a glow,
               and left at high speed very suddenly. (FSR 62, 2)
Apr. 10, 1962  San Casciano (Italy). Mario Zuccula, 27, was walk-
evening        ing home when he suddenly felt a current of cold air.
               He was paralyzed with fear when he saw a white ob-
               ject, 10 m in diameter, metallic in appearance which
               hovered close to the ground. A metallic cylinder was
               lowered from the craft, and two little men about 1.30
               m tall, came out through a door lighted by a source
               inside the cylinder. A low voice similar to the sound
               of an electronic device told him they would return at
               the end of the fourth moon, one hour before dawn,
               with a message. The beings had their heads covered
               with a hood. (FSR 62, 4)
Apr. 11, 1962  Sarouno (Italy). Between Saronno and Legnano,
evening        Benazzi and three other witnesses saw a peculiar craft
               fly above them and land on the road. It was intensely
               luminous. (APRO Sep., 62)
Apr. 30, 1962  Mount Eba (Italy). Eugenio Siragusa, 43, claimed
night          to have met two men of normal height, clad in diving
               suits, with belts emitting intermittent yellow-green
               blue light, who delivered to him a peace message in
               Italian. The voice had a metallic tone. Also observed
               was a very dazzling object, 15 m in diameter. (FSR
               63, 1)
May., 1962     Jujuy (Argentina). Approximate date. Four people
0400           whose car had run out of gas, were waiting in a driz-
               zling rain when a bright light, first thought to be from
               a car, approached them. It turned out to be a low-
               flying object that landed. It was round with a blink-
               ing light, and stayed there about one hour before
               taking off at high speed (APRO Jul., 63)
May. 12, 1962  Pampa Province (Argentina). V. and G. Tomasini
0410           and H. Zenobi saw an object on the ground 100 m
               away from the road. It looked like a railroad car and
               was illuminated. As they came close to it, the object
               took off, crossed the road at low altitude, rose with a
               flame, and separated into two sections that flew away
               in different directions. It made a humming noise and
               was seen on the ground for one min. Within a circle
               60 m in radius, grass was burned, insects were carbon-
               ized, and the ground was "petrified." Sample analysis
               was done by the Puerto Belgrano Naval Base.
               (SBEDV 30; 132; CODOVNI 1962)
May. 13, 1962  Uncativo (Argentina). Dozens of witnesses in Un-
0400           cativo, Cordoba, Carranza, and Los Molinos Dam
               observed a very luminous, elongated object with a
               bright trail. Soon thereafter, fog filled a wooded sec-
               tion near Uncativo, and a landed object resembling
               a small house was observed. (133; CODOVNI 1962)
May. 22, 1962  Winifreda (Argentina). A woman was hospitalized
               after her observation of a strange object that landed,
               and of the "ugly" giant beings who emerged from it.
               Approximate date. (135)
Jun. 16, 1962  Prince of Wales Island (Australia). Four persons
               from Thursday Island, among them E. Thorpe, were
               climbing a hill when they observed a silvery object on
               a nearby hillside, less than 2 km away. It could not be
               located again when they reached the other side of
               the hill. (FSR 62,5)
Jun. 26, 1962  Verona (Italy). For about one hour, 20-year-old
evening        Roberto Poregozzo, his mother, Maria, and his 25-
               year-old sister, Luisa, observed a silvery disk, the ap-
               parent diameter of the moon, maneuvering in the sky
               near Santa Anastasia church. They finally went home.
               About 0300, one of them was awakened by a feeling
               of intense cold and perceived a greenish light in the
               room. In the window a sharply defined human shape,
               delineating a semi-transparent body, was visible. The
               apparition had a huge bald head. The witness
               screamed, awakening the two others, and they saw
               the apparition shrink and vanish "like a TV image
               when one turns off the set." (FSR 63, 2)
Jul. 30, 1962  Pasnembi (Brazil). A man driving near Pasnembi
               stopped when his engine failed and observed a
               cylindrial object, described as "a bottle with two
               necks," about 40 m long, 15 m high, which had landed
               on the road. Two men (one at either end of the craft),
               appeared to be changing some luminous signals. This
               lasted 10 min and the craft took off at high speed. In
               Alta, a number of people reported a bright object
               moving at high altitude. (136; FSR 62, 6)
Jul. 30, 1962  Bajeola Grande (Argentina). Roberto Mievres, 17,
               was riding his motorcycle when a tall being, with a
               head like a watermelon and three eyes, appeared as
               the engine stalled. The apparition snatched the boy's
               scarf, but he ran away and came back with a group of
               people, who found the scarf on the ground, discovered
               some traces and observed an unknown craft flying
               away. (CODOVNI 1962)
Aug. 02, 1962  Camba Punat Airport (Argentina). Luis Harvey, air-
               port manager, and his staff thought that an un-
               announced aircraft was about to land, as they saw a
               luminous object circling at high speed. It came down
               to hover about 1 m above the runway for some four
               min. It was spherical, spinning, and emitted flashes
               of blue, green and orange. When approached, it took
               off at very high speed. (FSR 64, 4)
Aug. 17, 1962  Duas Pontes (Brazil). Rivalino da Silva, a diamond
evening        prospector, told his associates that he had seen two
               strange dwarfs digging a hole near his house. They
               ran away as he came near them, and moments later
               an object took off from behind the bushes. It was
               shaped like a hat and surrounded with a red glow.
               (APRO Sep.,62)
Aug. 19, 1962  Duas Pontes (Brazil). Raimundo, the son of Rivalino
night          da Silva (see previous case), was awakened by the
               sound of steps and saw "a weird shadow" in the room.
               It was small and not human in shape. Voices were
               heard saying, "This one looks like Rivalino," and later
               that they would kill him. The family stayed on the
               alert all night. (APRO Sep., 62)
Aug. 20, 1962  Duas Pontes (Brazil). Raimundo da Silva (see previ-
               ous cases) testified before the police that while work-
               ing in a field, he saw two spherical objects hovering
               2 m above ground, a few meters from the house. One
               was black with an antenna-like protrusion and a small
               tail; the other was black and white. Both emitted a
               humming sound and a flickering fire through an open-
               ing. The boy's father warned him to stay away as
               Rivalino walked toward the objects, praying. When
               he was 2 m away, the two spheres merged into one,
               raising dust from the ground and spreading a yellow
               mist that enveloped the man. The boy ran after his
               father, noting that the cloud had "an acrid smell."
               As it dissolved, everything had vanished. Police in-
               vestigation, headed by Lieutenant Lisboa, failed to
               reveal any clue. Many terrified people left the area.
               (APRO Sep., 62)
Sep., 1962     Orland (California). A. T. Gray, a dairy rancher,
2145           thought some lights in a field were those of a car.
               When coming nearer, he realized the object was ob-
               long with blunt edges and hovered about 7 m above
               the ground, making no noise. When Gray was 50 m
               away, the object came toward him, rose, and took off
               toward the southwest. (APRO Jul., 63)
Sep. 05, 1962  Mount Manfre (Italy). Second observation by Mr.
night          Siragusa (Case 531), who saw two figures over 2.10 m
               tall. The light from their belts prevented him from
               seeing them in detail. A large, spinning object, 25 m
               wide, top-shaped, hovered nearby. "From the under
               part, a metallic cylinder over 3 m long reached down
               almost to touch the road, with a small door, a sort of
               lift." (FSR 62, 6)
Sep. 13, 1962  Overfield (Great Britain). Myra Jones was driving
2320           between Overfield and Norris Hill when she saw a
               luminous, gray object, larger than a car with a dome
               on top. It was flying at the altitude of the Phone
               poles, slowly spinning. Dark spots were visible on the
               underside. It nearly touched the car, then gave a
               whistling sound and flew away. (137; FSR 62, 6)
Sep. 15, 1962  Oradell (New Jersey). Two bright disks were first seen
1700           at 1700, then were seen again at 1800, at the state
               line. Two witnesses saw one round object with a fin
               on top and another under it at 1950, and reported
               that it was going down toward the Oradell reservoir.
               Three young men saw and heard the object as it
               touched the water. Another witness called police. The
               luminous object took off a few minutes later. Official
               investigation described it as bright, surrounded with a
               glow, the apparent size of a small plane 1 km away. It
               left toward the south. (Atic)
Sep. 18, 1962  Barcelos (Brazil). Three men working in a rubber
               plantation saw a large, disk-shaped object hover above
               the river. It emitted sparks, was of silvery color, and
               very brilliant. It eventually rose straight up at high
               speed. Disappearance of cattle was noticed in the area
               during that period and blamed on the same cause.
               (APRO Jan., 63)
Oct. 24, 1962  Horsetooth Reservoir (Colorado). Undocumented
               claim that a landing took place. No traces. (NICAP
               Oct., 62)
Oct. 28, 1962  Norwood (Australia). Mrs. E. D. Silvester was driv-
1930           ing with her three children when an illuminated oval
               object landed near the road. She watched it for 40
               min, and reported seeing a man wearing a helmet and
               gas mask in the vicinity of the object. (FSR 63, 4)
Nov., 1962     Var (France). A garage owner was driving through a
evening        rainstorm when he suddenly saw a group of figures
               80 m away. He slowed down as they went away
               jerkily, and observed that they were bizarre, birdlike
               creatures. As they rushed toward the car, he drove past
               them in terror and saw them going back toward a
               luminous, blue object hovering in a field. They en-
               tered it as if "sucked into it," and a dull sound was
               heard before the object flew off. (FSR 68, 60)

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